Denial of responsibility

All applications for profit or income, as well as examples of profit or income that can be posted on the websites of our company, are only a prognostic estimate of possible earnings and does not guarantee its receipt. Considering the expected profit guaranteed, you also assume the risk of non-receipt.

If you specify a specific amount of income and use it relative to a person or type of business as the amount they earn, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a similar income.

Any statements or presentations posted on the websites of our company regarding possible profit are not considered an average amount of earnings.

Previous successes or results of past participants regarding revenue generation and other financial results cannot be used as a guarantee for follow-up and revenue generation.

The amount of income and its monetary value is based on many factors. We do not have information about the success of your activities in the future, as well as those relating to you personally and do not guarantee the likelihood of receiving any specific monetary amounts. Considering the expected profit guaranteed, you also assume the risk of not receiving it.

Doing business and related profit making are fraught with risks and the decision to engage in such activities cannot be based on any information posted on our products or services provided and should be made solely in the light of possible losses or non-profit.

You hereby express your consent that our company is not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of your decisions regarding the conduct of your business, as well as any information provided on our website.